| project type |

Design research

| project synopsis |

Biolace is a speculative design project which explores the potential of synthetic biology for future fabrication. In a future located in 2050, when natural resources have become scarce, and global population has reached 9 Billion, food grows in urban hydroponic greenhouses that host new species of plants genetically engineered to ‘manufacture’ multi-products to save energy, space and time. Biolace aims at questionning the validity and ethics of an emerging synthetic nature.

| project outputs |

Photographs (framed, A2 size or unframed A1 size, printed on archive paper), a short animation, a lace doilly


STRAWBERRY NOIR-carolecollet            BASILn5-carolecollet 2

Strawberry Noir                                                                                  Basil n˚ 5
(Fragaria Fusca Tenebris)                                                                 (Ocimum Basilicum Rosa)

| project team |

Principal Investigator & Designer: Carole Collet

Research assistants: Ann-Kristin Abel, Amy Congdon, Natsai Chieza

Animation: video and sound design by: Immatters


| exhibition & press |

Biolace has been exhibited at:

Saint Etienne Design Biennale, “Artefact”, France. 2015

Biodesign: On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity, The New Institute, Rotterdam. 2013

ALIVE, new design frontiers – EN VIE, aux frontières du design. Espace Fondation EDF, Paris. 2013

Artists’ plans for sustainable living, Mead Gallery, university of Warwick, including work by Joseph Beuys, Nils Norman and Marjetica Potrc. 2013

’Look Twice’ exhibition and Symposium in Munich organised by Plan. 2013

Making Knowledge research exhibition, Central Saint Martins, London UK.2013

Futuro Textiles 3 Touring Exhibition:2013-2015

October 2012- December 2012: CETI, Centre for European Innovative Textiles, France

January 2013-July 2013: Citée des Sciences et industrie, Parc La vilette, Paris, France

September 2013: Timisoara (Halele Timco) Roumania

October- November 2013: Museum of History, Bucarest. (in association with the French Institute).

December 2013: Bercy, Ministry of Economy. Paris, France

2014: currently being planned to travel in Asia in spring 2014, then Autumn Spring 2014

2015: TRAPHOLT museum, Denmark



| with thanks to |

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, TFRC



Biolace © Carole Collet, Central Saint Martins UAL 2012